Gracepoint Is A 'Must-See' According To Pioneer Press

Minnesota-based Pioneer Press recommend the new Fox TV series Gracepoint as must-see TV for Thursday nights this Fall. Posting on they say:

Fans of the British show Broadchurch will find more than a few familiar things in Gracepoint, Fox's adaptation of the 10-episode crime drama. Scottish actor David Tennant is basically playing the same detective character on both shows, except it's way easier to understand him when he's speaking with an American accent. The emotionally powerful first episode begins with the mystery of how a young boy was killed and makes for a compelling hour of TV (even if you've already seen the original), thanks to an impressive cast featuring Tennant, Anna Gunn, Michael Pena, Jacki Weaver and Nick Nolte.

The ten-episode event series Gracepoint follows the impact of the murder of a local boy on a small Californian coastal town. David Tennant and Anna Gunn play the detectives charged with catching the killer before the community tears itself apart under the strains of police and press scrutiny, fear and suspicion. Although based on the UK show Broadchurch which aired last year in the USA and was watched by less than a million viewers, the producers of the remake promise new plot twists and a completely different ending.

Gracepoint premieres on Fox on October 2nd at 9pm/8c. 

The series can also be seen on the Global Network in Canada from 2nd October, 9pm ET and on the Universal Channel in Australia from 3rd October, 8.30pm. Details of the UK broadcast are expected soon.