Fan Reaction: Your Comments On What We Did On Our Holiday Starring David Tennant

On Sunday a number of our readers were lucky enough to attend some of the free screenings of the new David Tennant feature film What We Did on Our Holiday. The new movie, also starring Rosamund Pike, Billy Connolly and Ben Miller, follows a family in crisis as they take a fraught trip from London to Scotland to celebrate a family birthday. 

Here's what some of you said about the film:

Jessica Devereaux I thought it was great it was heart warming and funny I loved it mainly because David Tennant was in it but I would give it 5 stars

Jean Nicol Sweet

Sharon Willets It was great . Was laughing one minute had tears in my eyes in certain parts . Would go again and definately get it on dvd .

MariĆ«lle Fokkema It was such a beautiful and heartwarming movie! I Can't wait to see it again! I recommend it to everyone. And David was great, but I absolutely adored the children and also the other actors. I laughed very hard, and I cried, and those films are in my eyes the best ones... I am Dutch, but I am an au-pair here, so I was fortunate enough to see it. Now I am going to make my friends jealous 

Kathie Knowles-Smith I went with my 12 year old daughter who wasn't looking forward to it, but we had a great time. Of course David was perfect. But all the cast shone - especially the children. The story twists in a way you may not expect. And although the two of us laughed a lot, I did have a little cry. Brilliant.

Pamela Graham it was brilliant. long time since I've heard people laugh out loud in the cinema. It was funnier than I expected. Excellent and clever script, amazing children actors.

Paul Garner Great family film - it was brilliant, funny, moving and original. All the acting was excellent. David Tennant was superb (as usual). Billy Connolly gave a moving, funny and compassionate performance. Children were really good without being sickly sweet or annoying. Scenery spectacular. Supermarket scene was hilarious!

Brenda Parkes Saw it in Kingston this morning. It was a lovely film, very funny in parts but also very moving. Our boy was, of course, amazing.

Jason Small Bloody fantastic and brilliantly acted

Susan Williamson I saw it this morning in Chelmsford. Brilliant moving and funny.5 *****xx

Paula Simpson-Parry Absolutely loved it! Funny, moving and beautiful. The cast were natural and hilarious. Feel like chucking a pumpkin!!!

Amy Bugg I saw it at a preview last week and thought it was really good. I hope a lot of people go to see it. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was funny and touching. A little sad in places. I'm sure a lot of people will be able to relate to a lot of the family tensions, dramas and relationships in this film! Although hopefully not every event that happens!  Enjoyed laughing along with everyone else in the cinema and would definitely recommend watching it.

What We Did on Our Holiday is written and directed by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin, the creators of Outnumbered, for BBC Films and Origin Pictures. The film goes on general release in the UK and Ireland on Friday 26th September.