David Tennant On Gracepoint: "It Felt Like Something That I Couldn’t Say No To"

In a new interview, David Tennant explains to the New York Times how he came to star in Gracepoint , the American remake of Broadchurch, in an almost identical role. He plays Detective Emmett Carver, the Californian-based counterpart to DI Alec Hardy, the cop who uncovered the killer of a young boy in a sleepy coastal town.

“It was not the sort of thing you’d expect to be asked to do,” David said “But then because of that very novelty of it, it felt like something that I couldn't say no to.

“The thing is, Broadchurch had a wonderful reception in the US and some very lovely things were written about it but not that many people saw it. So we’re bringing this story to a mass audience and I make no apology for that. I think that’s a good thing. We’re not making it for people who've seen Broadchurch, really.

“Of course,” he added, “I’d be delighted if they watch, too.”

In Gracepoint the familiar plot and characters are transferred to Northern California, but the producers have said that the story will include new twists and a new ending.The ten-part event series explores the impact of the murder of a child on a small community and also stars Anna Gunn, Nick Nolte and Jacki Weaver.  The series premieres on Fox TV on Thursday 2nd October at 9pm/8c.