David Tennant On Doctor Who, Secrets And Broadchurch Weirdness

From Thursday 2nd October, David Tennant will be appearing on Fox TV in the USA in the new ten part event series Gracepoint . The American remake of the UK series Broadchurch sees him revisiting the gripping story, this time in the guise of Californian-based detective Emmett Carver.

David spoke to GQ about Doctor Who, Broadchurch and keeping secrets.

Speaking of American remakes: There's a YouTube video that re-imagines Doctor Who with American actors. What American actor would you cast as yourself?
It's a slightly actor-proof part—as long as you have someone who has a lot of energy and a certain lack of vanity. I don't want to undersell any achievements of my own, but sort of anyone can do it. It's a bit of a blank canvas.

C'mon! If you had to cast someone, it would be…
Bradley Whitford is absolutely who should do it. You need to have huge fearlessness and gravity—and then undermine it with a silly joke. He gives the impression of someone who can give three different thoughts simultaneously.

My vote's for Jeff Goldblum.
Very good. He can play it after Bradley.

So if Gracepoint is anything like the original, you'll have lots of super-secret, guarded plotlines. What's all the security like?
It's exciting that anyone should care enough—it's a good sign! But this [season] is driving me a little mad. We get sent everything with passwords. Even script pages on e-mail. You then have to remember a password to input, and every time you go away from it you have to put another blooming password.

Any weird thing that's come out of the show's popularity?
There are now people doing Broadchurch tours, which is slightly morbid. "This is the cliff where Danny Latimer died!"

Gracepoint premieres on Fox TV in the USA and on the Global Network in Canada on Thursday 2nd October at 9pm ET/PT. The series also stars Anna Gunn, Nick Nolte, Jacki Weaver and Kevin Zegers. The plot is based on the UK original Broadchurch but will have it's own twists and suspects and a new ending. 

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Source: GQ