VIDEO - Anna Gunn On Gracepoint's New Ending: "Chilling And Fascinating And Shocking"

Anna Gunn, star of the new Fox TV series Gracepoint has shared her excitement about her new show and also reassured fans of the UK original, Broadchurch, that the drama is worth watching. The ten part series premieres on Fox next month. In conversation with Access Hollywood at the Fox Eco-Casino Party last night, Anna, who plays Detective Ellie Miller opposite David Tennant's Emmett Carver, spoke about the qualities of her character and the differences between Gracepoint  and Broadchurch.

"I love Ellie...she has so many different facets and colours to her, and they're allowed to be shown," she said of the local small-town cop who finds herself suddenly one of the leading detectives on a high profile murder investigation. "She's an open book and she'll tell you what she thinks, good or bad, and she's got vulnerability, but she's also really tough."

Asked about the differences between Gracepoint and Broadchurch she explained, "We start off really similar in terms of a similar story line, and about right in the middle of it we start to divert down some different storyline paths that are very interesting and exciting and make your heart beat really fast. And the ending is something that I could not have predicted but it's different from Broadchurch and it's equally as chilling and fascinating and shocking. It shocked me. It's amazing."

Watch the interview here.

When the body of a young local boy is found on the beach near a small Californian town, a major police investigation gets underway. Leading the hunt for the killer is Det. Emmett Carver (David Tennant), and newcomer to town whom has just been awarded the job promised to local cop Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn). The pair have to put any animosity aside to work together not only to solve the crime but also to keep the peace in a community that is falling apart under increased police and press scrutiny. As long-held secrets start to emerge, the residents begin to turn on one another.

Gracepoint is based on the award-winning UK series Broadchurch which also starred David Tennant.

Gracepoint premieres on Fox TV on Thursday 2nd October at 9pm/8c

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