VIDEO: Nick Nolte Talks About His Character In Gracepoint (Plays USA only)

“Gracepoint’s about a town that’s paradise. It’s a town that welcomes outsiders and they don’t ask questions.” - Nick Nolte

TV Guide have posted an exclusive video clip in which veteran actor Nick Nolte profiles his character in the new ten-part drama Gracepoint. The murder mystery is an American remake of the award winning UK series Broadchurch, which sees David Tennant reprise his role as the lead detective investigating the death of a young boy in a small town. Gracepoint will premiere on Fox TV on Thursday October 2nd at 9pm/8c.

Nick plays Jack Reinhold, a character based on Broadchurch's Jack Marshall, the role that earned actor David Bradley a BAFTA. Jack Reinhold is a long standing resident of the northern Californian community of Gracepoint, almost an institution within the town. Among his roles he runs the local Wildlife Observation Group for local youngsters, and murder victim Danny was one of the best Observers.

However, Jack also carries his own secrets which, once uncovered, put him under suspicion. Nick also hints that Danny's family, the Solanos, may have their own problems which will come to light as the drama progresses.

The short clip includes some as yet unseen glimpses of scenes featuring David Tennant. In one, Reinhold is seen bargaining with David's character, Emmett Carver. 
 “You think I haven’t heard that before. Help us and we’ll help you. And the next thing I know you’re putting me in handcuffs over something I didn’t do,” he says.