VIDEO: Gracepoint - Madalyn Horcher Introduces Chloe Solano

In the latest Gracepoint video case file, Madalyn Horcher introduces her character Chloe Solano.

The "wise beyond her years" Chloe is the daughter of Beth and Mark Solano and sister to the murdered Danny. Under the twin pressures of press and police scrutiny following her brother's death, Chloe's secrets start to emerge, including the existence of her older boyfriend Dean (Kendrick Sampson).

"She's a typical teenager who is struck by such a horrible moment," Madalyn says, "And when this does happen a lot of her secrets come to the surface, and a lot of the things that any teenager doesn't really want to show their parents really kind of comes out."

Watch the clip here:

When a young boy is found dead on an idyllic beach, a major police investigation gets underway in the small California seaside town where the tragedy occurred. Soon deemed a homicide, the case sparks a media frenzy, which throws the boy's family into further turmoil and upends the lives of all of the town's residents. Welcome to Gracepoint, a new 10-episode mystery event series based on Broadchurch, the UK's critically acclaimed hit crime drama. Gracepoint is an expansion of the original series, introducing new characters, identifying new suspects and threading new storylines through the gripping narrative. Leading the investigation is Detective Emmett Carver, played by Broadchurch star David Tennant, who has just arrived in Gracepoint to fill a high position in the town's police force. That job previously had been promised to Detective Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn), who, in light of the tragedy, must put any resentment aside and work the case with her prickly new boss. Other cast members include Nick Nolte, Kevin Zegers, Jacki Weaver, Michael Pena, Virginia Kull and Sarah Jane Potts.

Gracepoint premieres on Fox on Thursday 2nd October at 9pm/8c

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