VIDEO: Gracepoint - Jack Irvine Introduces Tom Miller

Rising Canadian star Jack Irvine speaks about his Gracepoint character Tom Miller, describing him as an innocent and a bit of a mystery who is scared to tell about what he knows or what he has seen. Tom is the oldest son of Ellie (Anna Gunn), the assistant detective on the investigation into Danny's death, and Joe (Josh Hamilton), a stay-at-home husband who does most of the caring for Tom and his baby brother Dylan.

Talking in a new clip just released by Fox TV, Vancouver native Jack describes how Tom and murder victim Danny were close, almost like brothers. The moment that Ellie informs him of Danny's death is a huge moment for the schoolboy.

"At the moment he realises that [Danny is] dead I think he's sad but he's also a bit kind of scared," explains Jack. "Is he in danger of anything?"

Gracepoint, a ten part event series for Fox TV, is a remake of the UK series Broadchurch, sharing a star in lead actor David Tennant. The producers have stressed that the US remake will start to diverge from the original after a couple of episodes, with new twists, suspects and a new killer. With that in mind, could Tom himself be a suspect?

"He's definitely a possibility, I think," states Jack.

Watch the clip here:

The sleepy northern Californian town of Gracepoint will never be the same again after the body of 11-year old Danny Solano is found below cliffs on the beach. It's up to Detectives Emmett Carver (David Tennant) and Ellie Miller to lead the investigation into the murder, but in doing so they discover that the town begins to give up more secrets than they had expected. The event series explores the effect of the shocking event on the small community and the family of the victim. The series is a joint production between Shine America and Kudos for Fox and other cast members include Nick Nolte, Jacki Weaver, Michael Peña, Virginia Kull and Kevin Zegers. 
Gracepoint premieres on Fox in the USA and the Global Network in Canada on Thursday 2nd October at 9pm ET.

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