USA: The Real History Of Science Fiction 'Time' Featuring David Tennant To Air On 16th August

The final unaired episode of The Real History Of Science Fiction - Time will air on BBC America on August 16th as part of the run up to the Doctor Who Season 8 premiere.

Part of a four episode series, The Real History Of Science Fiction explores all aspects of sci-fi across films, TV, comics, games and books with contributions from some of the biggest names in the genre, including William Shatner, Neil Gaiman, Steven Moffat, David Tennant, Karen Gillan, John Carpenter, Nichelle Nichols, Chris Carter and many more. The series premiered in April 2014, with the first three episodes covering Robots, Space and Invasion. 

The Real History Of Science Fiction
Part 4 - Time
Saturday 16th August, 10pm ET
BBC America
What if we could travel not just through space, but through time itself? If you could travel through time, would you change the past or the future? What if you found it couldn’t be changed? What price does the time traveller — and the people they are closest to — pay? This is a journey from H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine through ideas like The Grandfather Paradox and The Butterfly Effect to the professional time traveller that is the ever popular Doctor Who. Steven Moffat, David Tennant, Karen Gillan, and Neil Gaiman offer a unique perspective on the Doctor. Edward James Olmos reveals the hidden meaning of the language he created for the vision of the future that is Blade Runner. Bob Gale and Christopher Lloyd take us behind the scenes of Back to the Future,while Ed Solomon describes the joy of solving a time travel conundrum for Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. But what would be the physical and emotional cost to the time traveller? Audrey Niffenegger explains what inspired her novel The Time Traveller’s Wife. And what if someone from the future tried to travel back in time to warn us? Would we believe them? From the apocalyptic tones of 12 Monkeys to the drama of Quantum Leap and the comedy of Groundhog Day, time travel is a subject that has been irresistible to the creators of every type of science fiction.

Narrator: Mark Gatiss

The series is a BBC America and BBC Two co-production and is expected to air in the UK soon.

Other specials scheduled for the week before the Season 8 premiere include Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion on Saturday August 16th, 9pm ET followed and Doctor Who: The Ultimate Time Lord on Monday August 18th, 10pm ET. The week commencing Monday 18th August will be Doctor Who takeover week on BBC America, climaxing in the season premiere on Saturday 23rd August at 8pm ET, as Peter Capaldi takes over the role of the Doctor.