USA PREMIERE: David Tennant Contributes To Doctor Who - The Ultimate Companion On BBCA

David Tennant is one of the contributors to a new exclusive Doctor Who special which premieres on BBC America tonight. Peter Davison hosts Doctor Who - The Ultimate Companion, one of a number of shows airing to mark the lead up to the Doctor Who season 8 premiere.

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion
The New Doctor lands next Saturday 23rd August - but get a head start with an all new special, DOCTOR WHO: THE ULTIMATE COMPANION, hosted by Fifth Doctor Peter Davison. Join Whovians past & present, including David Tennant and Steven Moffat, as they reveal what it takes to travel through all of time & space with the Doctor.

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion premieres Saturday 16th August at 9pm/8c only on BBC America.

Watch a trailer here:

The special is followed by Part 4 of The Real History Of Science Fiction (10pm/9c): David Tennant, Karen Gillan and Christopher Lloyd are among those reflecting on the subject of Time.