USA: Peter Davison Presents Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion With Contributions From David Tennant

New to BBC America this Saturday comes a new special hosted by the Fifth Doctor himself, Peter Davison with contributions from David Tennant.

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion
The New Doctor lands next Saturday 23rd August - but get a head start with an all new special, DOCTOR WHO: THE ULTIMATE COMPANION, hosted by Fifth Doctor Peter Davison. Join Whovians past & present, including David Tennant and Steven Moffat, as they reveal what it takes to travel through all of time & space with the Doctor.

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion premieres Saturday 16th August at 9pm/8c only on BBC America.

Watch a trailer here (viewable in the US only):

Internationally viewable version:

The special is followed by Part 4 of The Real History Of Science Fiction (10pm/9c) with contributions from David Tennant, Karen Gillan and Christopher Lloyd on the topic of Time. 

The week commencing Monday 18th August will be Doctor Who Takeover Week on BBC America culminating in the Season 8 premiere on Saturday 23rd.


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