USA: Download David Tennant Reading On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Available Now From Audible

David Tennant's audiobook version of the James Bond classic spy novel On Her Majesty's Secret Service is available now from in the United States.

Originally released in the UK in 2012, the recording was part of an ambitious joint production between Ian Fleming Publications and the now defunct AudioGo to record all of Fleming's James Bond novels as part of the 007 Reloaded collection. The series, which took three years to prepare, involved some of the cream of the UK's acting talent including Damian Lewis, Rosamund Pike, Bill Nighy and Hugh Bonneville. The range, complete with new cover art, is now available on Audible via Blackstone Audio Inc.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service
In his Alpine base, Blofeld is developing biological weapons that will devastate Britain. Unaware of the danger, James Bond is about to marry Teresa di Vicenzo, the daughter of a Corsican Mafioso. But then he is sent to Switzerland. Bond's marriage and Blofeld's schemes disintegrate in a blizzard of gunfire and high-explosives from which neither man emerges the victor.

Directed by Enyd Williams
Produced by Lucy Fleming

The unabridged audiobook also includes an exclusive interview with David.

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