USA: Doctor Who 'Make Your Own Sunday' Marathon Broadcast Today

BBC America will be giving over their daytime programming today to their Doctor Who 'Make Your Own Sunday' marathon.

In anticipation of the Twelfth Doctor's arrival, BBC America asked their viewers to choose their all-time favourite episodes of New Who. Now the results are in and all that remains is to sit down, relax and spend the whole day in the company of Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith.

See the full schedule below:

9.00am ET   Doctor Who - The Day Of The Doctor

10.40am ET   Doctor Who - The Time Of The Doctor

12.00pm ET   Doctor Who - The Christmas Invasion

1.00pm ET   Doctor Who (S7 E13) The Name Of The Doctor

2.00pm ET   Doctor Who (S1 E9) The Empty Child

3.00pm ET   Doctor Who (S2 E13) Doomsday

4.00pm ET   Doctor Who (S6 E4) The Doctor's Wife

5.00pm ET   Doctor Who (S4 E13) Journey's End

6.00pm ET   Doctor Who (S2 E4) The Girl In The Fireplace

7.00pm ET   Doctor Who (S3 E10) Blink

8.00pm ET   Doctor Who (S5 E10) Vincent And The Doctor

The new season of Doctor Who starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman continues on Saturday 30th August with Into The Dalek from 9pm ET


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