UK: Secret Smile Starring David Tennant Concludes On ITV3 Tonight

The chilling psychological thriller Secret Smile concludes on ITV3 tonight. David Tennant stars as Brendan Block, a psychotic stalker fixated on his former lover Miranda (Kate Ashfield) who dumped him abruptly after she found his clingy behaviour unsettling. But as Brendan is now her sister's fiancé, how can Miranda convince anyone about how dangerous he is without appearing jealous?

Secret Smile
Episode 2
ITV3, 10.05pm BST
Following Troy's suicide, the police refuse to believe that Brendan is to blame. Then, on the eve of Brendan's wedding to Kerry (Claire Goose), he takes another strike at Miranda's family and before long he is at the centre of another tragedy. Miranda has to resort to a risky course of action to try to ensure that he hurts no-one else. 
Also starring John Bowe, Keira Malik, Susannah Wise and Rory Kinnear. 

Secret Smile was written by Kate Brooke, based on the novel of the same title by Nicci French and was directed by Christopher Menaul.

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