REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Issue #2 Comic Book Adventure

The second issue of the brand new Tenth Doctor comic book adventures is released tomorrow. The story is written by Nick Abadzis with artwork by Elena Casagrande and released through Titan Comics. 

On the Day of the Dead, the mystery deepens in a brand-new Brooklyn adventure for the Tenth Doctor!

Gabby Gonzalez and the residents of Sunset Park have been having terrifying experiences: a water vortex exploding out of the washing machines in the Laundromat, visions of the Devil, the dead reappearing in demonic form. Now Gabby is trapped on a late night subway train facing a grotesque version of herself...with only a skinny guy in a pinstripe suit apparently between her and a gruesome end.

The brand new Tenth Doctor adventure that got off to such a gallop of a start last month doesn’t rein in at all. We’re dropped right back into the thick of things following the last issue’s cliffhanger and it’s up to the Doctor to find a way out for both of them. That’s not without a little ingenuity from Gabby herself, who is already showing the qualities that the Doctor looks for in a companion. The problem is, is he ready for someone else in his life?

 As far as Gabby is concerned, it’s clear that once she has crossed paths with the Doctor life can never be the same again, even though this evasive, mysterious stranger seems at first reluctant to reveal much about himself. Writer Nick Abadzis has perfectly captured the Doctor’s mile-a-minute psychobabble, but he has created too an intelligent foil in Gabby and she keeps up and meets him head on, to his growing admiration. It’s not long before Gabby has become swept along by the Time Lord and the two of them join forces to face up to a brand new foe. Artist Elena Casagrande gives us an eerie, ethereal, spidery vision of the Cerebravores, the invisible assassins that strike from the safety of the familiar and everyday, and, as Gabby finds to her horror, who target some of the people closest to her.

The issue closes with the Doctor and Gabby separated and in peril as both grasp the magnitude of the threat posed by this latest wave of alien invaders.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #2 is available through good comic book stores in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - check your local store - and through Forbidden Planet in the UK. Forbidden Planet also ship internationally and carry the variant cover editions. The issue can also be ordered direct from Titan Comics and is also available worldwide as a digital download.

Issue #3 of the newest Tenth Doctor comic book adventure goes on sale on September 24th.