RADIO: Believe It! Series 2 With Richard Wilson & David Tennant Repeated On Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 will be running a late night repeat broadcast of the second series of Believe It! throughout next week.

The award winning series created by Jon Canter is the fictional comedy biography of actor Richard Wilson. The One Foot In The Grave star plays himself recounting episodes from his life, supported by a cast of guest stars including David Tennant, Arabella Weir, Samantha Spiro and Sir Ian McKellen. David Tennant appears in the first three episodes of the four part series.

The episodes air from Monday 25th August on BBC Radio 4 at 11.30pm BST and continue at the same time until Thursday 28th.

Believe It! (S2 E1) Victor
BBC Radio 4
Monday 25th August, 11.30pm
Richard discusses the effect of his One Foot In The Grave character Victor Meldrew on his life. Starring Richard Wilson as himself with David Tennant as Mickey Mouse.

Believe It! (S2 E2) Secrets
BBC Radio 4
Tuesday 26th August, 11.30pm
Richard Wilson discovers a relative he never knew he had, and after Doug visits him from Australia, he rather wishes the secret had been kept. With David Tennant as Doug.

Believe It! (S2 E3) Danger Man
BBC Radio 4
Wednesday 27th August, 11.30pm
Richard Wilson explains the long-lasting influence Ian McKellan has had on his life. David Tennant appears as Old Murray and Marcos, while Ian McKellen guest stars as himself.

About Believe It!
Celebrity autobiographies are everywhere. Richard Wilson has always said he'd never write one. Based on glimmers of truth, BELIEVE IT is the hilarious, bizarre, revealing (and, most importantly, untrue) celebrity autobiography of Richard Wilson.

He narrates the series with his characteristic dead-pan delivery, weaving in and out of dramatised scenes from his fictional life-story. He plays a heavily exaggerated version of himself: a Scots actor and national treasure, unmarried, private, passionate about politics, theatre and Manchester United (all true), who's a confidant of the powerful and has survived childhood poverty, a drunken father, years of fruitless grind, too much success, monstrosity, addiction, charity work and fierce rivalry with Sean Connery and Ian McKellan (not true).

The title - in case you hadn't spotted - is an unashamed reference his famous catchphrase.

Series 2 was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in December 2013. The show was written by Jon Canter and produced and directed by Clive Brill.