Peter Capaldi Says David Tennant Gave Him Advice Over A Coffee

There's just three days to wait now until Peter Capaldi makes his full episode debut as The Doctor in Series 8 of Doctor Who. A huge, lifelong fan of the show, Peter landed his dream role when he was cast as the Doctor last year, a part that has already made him recognised around the world. Fortunately he has had the benefit of advice from a couple of people who already know what he will be experiencing: his predecessors Matt Smith and David Tennant.

"We are often in touch. They have been very good," he said. "David did take me for a coffee before it had been announced, and he just pointed out to me that I would become more visible and that my life would change in some way."

Peter had been following the series since its return in 2005, and although he landed a guest part in The Fires Of Pompeii opposite David Tennant he never expected that the lead role would come his way.

"I was always interested but I never thought they’d come to me," he said. "I loved Chris [Eccleston], David and Matt - all of them have been fabulous. I was always hoping someone would call me and say, what do you think of being in an episode? But I never thought they would think of me as Doctor Who."

Doctor Who returns on Saturday 23rd August at 7.50pm BST on BBC One

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Starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman with Neve McIntosh, Dan Starkey and Catrin Stewart

Source : BBC