Peter Capaldi Reveals He Asked David Tennant To Show Him The TARDIS On His First Day On Set

Peter Capaldi has revealed that he begged David Tennant to show him the TARDIS when he guest starred on Doctor Who in The Fires Of Pompeii.

During the Q&A session on the New York leg of the Doctor Who World Tour, hosted by Chris Hardwick, Peter said he was thrilled when Doctor Who returned in 2005, and even more excited to be invited to appear.

"While David was Doctor Who they sent me a script. Russell T Davies offered me a part. And I said, 'I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I’ll do it!' And my wife said, 'You should really read it first of all, just to be professional', he recalled. However there was one particular Doctor Who icon that he was very keen to meet.

"I went down there and I met David," he conntinued. "And I remember going onto the set the very first day and saying to David, ‘Where’s the TARDIS? Where is it?’ And of course it was hidden behind a curtain. He said, ‘It’s over there, do you want me to take you there?’ I said, ‘Yes! Yes, yes yes!’ And he pulled the curtain back and there was the box, the old blue box, and I touched it and got rather teary."

Also on the panel was Peter's co-star Jenna Coleman and showrunner Steven Moffat. Talking about Peter using his natural Scottish accent to play the Doctor, Steven hinted that the reason for David dropping his was that he was rather less well known at the time.

“If we cast David now he would play [the Doctor] with a Scottish accent because his own accent is now so famous. Peter is famously Scottish, so if he did some silly old accent people would think ... why is he doing that? Peter...wanted to bring the Doctor to him," he explained, going on to add that Scottish accents were, of course,sexier than other accents. 

Watch the highlights of the Q&A session here:

Season 8 of Doctor Who kicks off with the first episode, Deep Breath, on Saturday 23rd August on BBC One and BBC America.