Peter Capaldi: "Matt Smith and David Tennant have been incredibly friendly"

New Doctor Peter Capaldi has spoken of the support he's received from David Tennant and Matt Smith as he prepares to take on the iconic role.

Speaking at a press conference in Sydney, which is the latest stop on the Doctor Who World Tour, Peter said:
“One is very aware of the fact that you’re stepping in to a role that has been around for a long time and means a lot to people,that’s a delightful position to be in, it’s also quite a responsible one.”

“I’m very lucky because I get to be on the other end of a lot of smiles when people see me or meet me, because they’re projecting Doctor Who on to me. Doctor Who is much more interesting than I am — and much nicer than I am” 

He added that he was close to David and Matt and that both had offered him advice on coping with the attention that playing the Doctor:

“I think it’s overwhelming at times, but I think you’ve got to take it a day at a time,” Capaldi said.

“I’ve been very, very lucky in that Matt Smith and David Tennant have been incredibly friendly and supportive to me — I can talk to them anytime. Because it’s quite a small club, you know, the actors who’ve played the Doctor and they recognise the realities of what being in this position is like”.

Peter kicks off his tenure as the Doctor with a global simulcast and cinema screening when his debut episode, Deep Breath, is aired on 23 August 

Watch a trailer below:

Source: The Daily Telegraph