Gracepoint Is Best New TV Bet Say Indiewire

In their rundown of Fall TV highlights, move and TV site Indiewire have declared Thursdays to be the best night for US television. They've made some picks from the new season's highlights and have chosen Gracepoint  to be their best bet among the new offerings.

They say:

Gracepoint may be a remake, but it's one of those remakes that's so good you won't mind watching the same story played out again by new actors. That being said, it's not exactly the same story (a few tweaks have been made to the original) and most of the audience tuning in for FOX's new drama aren't doing so because they've seen this tale told before. They're watching because they haven't (or because they have seen Breaking Bad and love Anna Gunn, who co-stars). The new iteration extends the mystery of who killed little Danny Lasseter (as the show must adjust to a longer season), while also bringing back Mr. David Tennant, who originated the role of Detective Inspector Alec Hardy (now Emmett Carver). Bringing Tennant to America isn't just to a move to appease fans of Broadchurch - he's great. It will be a fun 10-week experiment in adaptation, and one you probably shouldn't miss.

Gracepoint premieres on Fox on Thursday 2nd October at 9pm/8c

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