GERMANY: The Broadchurch Novel Is Released Today

The German edition of the Broadchurch novel is released today. The book is based on the multi-award winning UK series created by Chris Chibnall which followed the impact of the murder of a young boy in a small seaside town.

The German release, entitled Broadchurch: Der Mörder unter uns (Broadchurch: The Killer Amongst Us) is translated by Irmengard Gabler from the original English novel written by Erin Kelly in collaboration with Chris Chibnall. The novel is available as a paperback, in a Kindle edition and as an audio download and CD audiobook read by Peter Lontzek. The book includes additional material not previously in the televised version and gives a greater insight into the thoughts and motives of the characters.

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Broadchurch: Der Mörder unter uns
Danny Latimer war elf Jahre, als er starb. Sterben musste. Seine Leiche fand man unten am Kliff. Bei ihren Ermittlungen stoßen Ellie Miller und Alec Hardy in dem kleinen Ort Broadchurch an der englischen Südküste auf mehr Verdächtige, als ihnen lieb ist. Dannys

Vater hat kein Alibi für die Tatzeit. Wo war er in dieser Nacht? Dannys Freund hat sämtliche Nachrichten von seinem PC und Handy gelöscht. Worum ging es da? Der Zeitungsverkäufer, die unfreundliche Frau im Trailerpark, der Postbote – sie alle haben etwas zu verbergen. Aber was? Als die Wahrheit ans Licht kommt, ist in Broadchurch nichts mehr, wie es einmal war. Wer ist der Mörder von Danny Latimer?

Broadchurch: The Official Novel
Danny Latimer was eleven years old when he died. Had to die. His body was found at the bottom of the cliff. During their investigation Detectives Ellie Miller and Alec Hardy encounter more suspects than they would like in the small town of Broadchurch on the south coast. Danny's father has no alibi for the time of the crime. Where was he that night? Danny's friend has deleted all the messages from his PC and mobile phone. Why was that? The newsagent, the rude woman in the trailer park, the postman - they all have something to hide. But what? When the truth comes to light in Broadchurch, nothing is as once it was. Who is the killer of Danny Latimer?

The UK version of the novel was released in paperback, Kindle edition and audio download last Thursday. The American release follows on September 16th .