David Tennant On Scots Vote: Listen To Politicians, Not Actors


David Tennant has warned his fellow Scottish actors not to express their opinions on the Scottish referendum and advised voters to listen to politicians and not actors to help them make their minds up.

Talking to The Times, he said, ‘As I chose to leave Scotland many years ago now I forfeited my right to tell Scottish residents how to run the country. And anyway, there is nothing more odious than actors foisting their opinions around. I’m very happy to leave that to the politicians who are – hopefully – so much better placed and informed.’

David was not one of the 200 public figures, including Sir Patrick Stewart, Irvine Welsh, Olivia Colman and Mick Jagger, who recently signed an open letter to the people of Scotland urging them to vote against independence from England. Comments made by him apparently supporting the No vote were actually made several years ago, well before the referendum was announced. He has declined to voice an opinion since.