Chris Chibnall: "I cried Watching Broadchurch"

No one can deny that hit ITV drama Broadchurch was a tear jerker, but now the show's creator has admitted that the scenes performed by David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Jodie Whittaker and the rest of the talented cast left him overly emotional too.

"It's probably a very indulgent thing to say but yes, I cried," Chris Chibnall tells Radio Times. "You don't cry at your own writing –you cry at performances." 

Admitting that each actor had made him cry in different ways he added 
"It's the cast who just make you weep."

The second series of the show is currently filming and Chris is keen for it to stay just as top secret as the first:
"I want you to follow the story when I'm telling the story, not before. That's how you can get to a communal experience. 
"Hopefully people all sit down at the same time and watch it all at the same time. That's the most exciting thing that television can do and we had a little taste of it last year and I would love us to be able to do it again."

The new series of Broadchurch is expected to air in ITV early 2015.