BROADCHURCH: Series 2 Clue Hidden In The Official Novel

The writer of the official Broadchurch novel has teased that the book, released this week, will contain a subtle clue to the plot of the second series. 

Novelist Erin Kelly (The Poison Tree, The Ties That Bind) who was commissioned to adapt the award winning ITV series revealed, "About three days before we went to press, Chris [Chibnall] put in one tiny little clue about something that happens in series two. He asked me to add it in, literally just as we had the proof all laid out ready to go to press.

"It's something only the die-hards will pick up on but there's one line quite early on in the book that won't make sense to anybody. It's something very playful that he did right at the last minute."

She hopes that it will add an extra layer of interest to the already intriguing murder mystery."It doesn't give anything away but I'm sure it'll get people talking. I'm going to be checking out the chatrooms to see if people have picked up on it," she said.

Broadchurch: The Novel is released in the UK on Thursday 14th August
For the paperback and Kindle click here 
For the audio download read by Carolyn Pickles (Maggie Radcliffe) click here

Look out too for our own review of the novel which we'll post tomorrow as our contribution to the Broadchurch Beacon Blogger Tour.

The second series of Broadchurch starring David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Jodie Whittaker is currently shooting in various locations in Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Berkshire and is likely to air on ITV early next year.


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