Big Finish 48 Hour Offer: Sympathy For The Devil Starring David Tennant

Big Finish Productions have another early David Tennant audio adventure on special offer from today as part of their 15th Anniversary celebrations. David appeared in a number of productions for Big Finish in various roles before his TV casting as the Doctor.

Since 1999, Big Finish Productions have been producing audio adaptations of cult TV and comic book characters, with a particular emphasis on Doctor Who. Their catalogue includes exclusive audio adaptations and spin offs of classic Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Stargate and 2000AD characters. To celebrate this milestone they are offering selected titles for free or at a reduced price for limited periods of 48 hours each.

Today, on Day 13 of the campaign, Big Finish present the Doctor Who Unbound adventure Sympathy For The Devil. Set in an alternative reality, the series asks: What if the Doctor had not been UNIT's scientific advisor? Sympathy For The Devil stars David Warner as the Doctor, Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier, David Tennant as Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood and Mark Gatiss as The Master. Sympathy For The Devil was originally released in 2003

The title is available for £2.99 on CD and just £1.00 for the download for today and Saturday: click here to order

Doctor Who Unbound: Sympathy For The Devil
1997… and a lone exile arrives on Earth, years later than planned.
On the eve of the Handover, an advanced Chinese stealth bomber crashes in the hills above Hong Kong. The discredited UNIT has just 24 hours to steal the technology, rescue the passenger and flee to international waters.
Down by the harbour, there's big trouble in Little England - a bar owned by an old soldier, who simply wants to forget the past. But an ancient evil is stirring in a place of peace.
The Doctor finds a world on the brink of terror. A world that has lived without him for years. A world that is frighteningly like our own… 

Also on offer today are titles from the Bernice Summerfield and Sarah Jane Smith ranges and the Companion Chronicles.

To find out more about the Big Finish ranges and their current anniversary offers please visit their website