AUSTRALIA: The Politician's Husband Airs On BBC First Tonight

UK drama The Politician's Husband continues on the newly launched Australian premium channel BBC First this evening.

David Tennant stars as Aiden Hoynes, a formerly high-flying British cabinet minister who finds himself isolated and powerless following a failed leadership bid. At the same time, his wife Freya (Emily Watson), herself a junior minister, steps out of his shadow and begins to enjoy her own time in the limelight. As Freya's position strengthens, Aiden becomes less and less certain of who he can trust as he struggles to regain his own standing.

The Politician's Husband is a three part drama written by Paul Milne and was originally shown on BBC Two in April and May 2013. The cast includes Ed Stoppard as Bruce Babbish, Jack Sheppard as Joe Hoynes and Roger Allam as Chief Whip Marcus Brock.

The Politician’s Husband
BBC First
Monday 11th August, 8.30pm
Driven by a desire to avenge his own downfall, Aiden plots against his old friend Bruce. He is also spending more time at home looking after the children and particularly their Asperger's son, Noah. As he sits on the side-lines watching his wife's meteoric rise, Aiden is increasingly consumed with jealousy and paranoia. Unable to accept his wife's new-found success or forgive her betrayal, Aiden begins to plot Freya's downfall as well as Bruce's.

Please be aware that the episode contains a scene of sexual aggression that some viewers may find upsetting.