VIDEO: New Titans Doctor Who Comics Launch Trailer

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Vortex...

The new range of ongoing Doctor Who adventures from Titan Comics launches on Wednesday 23rd July. Officially sanctioned by BBC Worldwide, the two new series feature the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors as portrayed by David Tennant and Matt Smith.

The Doctor Who You Tube channel have launched a pre-release trailer to give you a glimpse of what to expect from these exciting new publications:

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1
Gabriella Gonzalez is stuck in a dead-end job in her family's New York laundromat, dreaming of college and bigger, better and brighter things. So when a strange man with an even stranger big blue box barges into her life on the eve of the Day of the Dead celebrations -- talking about an infestation of psychic aliens -- she seizes her chance for adventure with both hands.
Written by Nick Abadzis with artwork by Elena Casagrande, coloured by Arianna Florean. Standard Issue #1 cover artwork by Alice X Zhang
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Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #1
Alice Obiefune has just lost her mother when the Doctor explodes into her life. But what does this grieving young woman have to do with the career of a 70s musician, an amnesiac alien, and a terrifying cosmic threat?
Written by Al Ewing and Rob Williams with artwork by Simon Fraser, coloured by Gary Caldwell. Standard Issue #1 cover artwork by Alice X Zhang
Reviewed here

How to order
Print editions will be available from comic book stores throughout the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and through Forbidden Planet in the UK. The range will also be available digitally worldwide. Look out for special subscription incentive and store specific variant covers too!

Visit the Titan Comics website for purchase and subscription details 

Click here to order print copies from Forbidden Planet in the UK (the store will ship worldwide) 

The new Doctor Who comics featuring the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors will be launched at San Diego Comic Con next weekend and in comic book stores worldwide on July 26th during Doctor Who Comics Day: click here for more details