VIDEO: Kevin Zegers On Gracepoint's Differences From Broadchurch & David Tennant's Accent

Canadian TV blog The Televixen have posted a clip of Kevin Zegers talking about the much anticipated new FOX TV drama Gracepoint.

Kevin appeared at the Shaw Media presentation at the Canadian TV Upfronts recently promoting Gracepoint which will première on the Global Network this Fall. Kevin talked about the similarities and differences between the new series and the award winning UK drama Broadchurch upon which it was based. David Tennant, the star of Broadchurch, will be playing an American version of his character in the FOX TV remake, which also shares writer Chris Chibnall and directors James Strong and Euros Lyn with the original.

"The cast of our show is so diametrically different from the original show...obviously aside from David Tennant," explains Kevin. "The story, the premise is very much the same but they kind of wanted our take on these characters to be new and fresh...I think most of us wanted to look at it as a new show and not get too bogged down with what was done [in Broadchurch]...we were pretty thoughtful about repeating or gauging too much of what we wanted to do on what somebody else has already done."

Asked about David Tennant's American accent, he said, "It was great!" Canadian born Kevin, who also worked with a voice coach in LA to perfect his own American accent added, "You can see in the trailer he sort of has it down. And [Australian] Jacki Weaver has an American accent which is impressive also."

Watch the clip here:

Gracepoint will premiere on FOX in the USA and on the Global Network in Canada on Thursday nights as part of the Fall 2014 lineup. 

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