VIDEO: David Tennant Talks About The Legacy Of Playing The Doctor

Canada's Space Channel have posted another short extract from David Tennant's interview with InnerSpace presenter Teddy Wilson.

In the clip, recorded in Victoria, BC during the shoot of Gracepoint earlier this year, David talks about what he misses about being in Doctor Who. He says that it never really leaves you.

"It's a bit live being President of the United States," he jokes. "You still get called Mr. President after you've left and I still, a couple of times a day somebody calls and addresses me as Doctor, which is fine by ludicrous do I sound?"

David also attempts to explain the longevity of the series and what makes the Doctor such a perfect hero to so many people.

Watch the clip here:

With thanks to Freddy Wilson. Watch out for more clips from Freddy's conversation with David coming soon to InnerSpace on the Space Channel in Canada.


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