REVIEW: The Pinstripe Is Back - The Tenth Doctor Returns In Titan Comics' New Series

On Wednesday 23rd July, two brand new Doctor Who comic book ranges will be launched by Titan Comics featuring the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors as portrayed by David Tennant and Matt Smith. The new ongoing series, fully authorised by BBC Worldwide, promise new companions, new foes and, of course, plenty of new adventures for both incarnations of the iconic Time Lord. Thanks to the brilliant people at Titan we’ve been able to have a look at the first issues for both ranges and we can promise Doctor Who fans that they are in for a real treat.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor
Issue #1 - Revolutions Of Terror

The universe can have a funny way of bringing together people who need one another the most and this seems to have been especially true for the Doctor. The first in this new series of Doctor Who adventures picks up the Tenth Doctor travelling solo shortly after the heartwrenching loss of his companion and best friend Donna Noble. Once again his wandering draws him back to Earth.

In the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn, frustrated straight-A graduate Gabriella Gonzalez is bemoaning a future tied to the family business, her prospects limited and her dreams of a more exciting and glamorous life apparently out of reach. But in a classic case of being careful what you wish for Gabby finds herself at the centre of a bizarre incident at the family Laundromat – and that’s just the start of it. It’s the eve of the Mexican Day of the Dead festival, there’s a sense of dread and horror in the air and for Gabby, her family and the local community things are about to get seriously weird.

Meanwhile a tall skinny individual in a familiar pinstripe suit is pounding the streets tracking a curious phenomenon on a mysterious device. With scenes of his frenetic, energised detective work intertwining with the tedious drudgery of Gabby’s everyday life, it’s inevitable that their paths will eventually cross, and they do so under typically thrilling and life-threatening circumstances. The Tenth Doctor is well and truly back is back, in all his spiky-haired glory, and straight into a brand new adventure!

This edition, the first of a five issue arc, is written by Eisner Award-winning Nick Abadzis. The story is well paced, with strong, believable characters, from Gabby’s overbearing father to the self-serving Hector to Gabby herself, an ambitious young woman, ready to leap at the right opportunity. The artwork by Elena Casagrande and colourised by Arianna Florean is detailed, clear and precise ensuring that the storyline flows easily and Casagrande handles the more creepy and grotesque images deftly to build up the rising horror. Alice X. Zhang provides the cover art for the standard edition. The first issue ends with our heroes in jeopardy in such a perfect classic Who cliffhanger that you can almost hear the TV theme tune over the closing credits. Issue #2 can’t come along quickly enough.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Issue #1 is released on Wednesday 23rd July. The print edition will be available from comic book stores throughout the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and branches of Forbidden Planet in the UK. The range will also be available digitally worldwide. A number of special variant covers will also be available.

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The new Doctor Who comics featuring the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors will be launched at San Diego Comic Con next weekend and in comic book stores worldwide on July 26th during Doctor Who Comics Day: click here for more details

Look out for our review of the first issue of Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor – coming soon!