RADIO: Love Virtually Starring David Tennant Repeated On BBC Radio 4 Next Week

The romantic radio drama Love Virtually starring David Tennant and Emilia Fox will be repeated on BBC Radio 4 next Friday.

Originally broadcast in March 2012, the drama takes the form of an exchange of emails between protagonists Leo and Emmi, a couple who meet accidentally on line and then build a romantic relationship without ever meeting.

Love Virtually
BBC Radio 4
Friday 18th July, 2.15pm
Starring David Tennant and Emilia Fox, Love Virtually by Austrian novelist Daniel Glattauer is a thoroughly modern epistolary novel with one difference - its protagonists Emmi Rothner and Leo Leike communicate exclusively by email.

They "meet" when Emmi mistakenly sends an e-mail to Leo's inbox. A romance ensues that allows them to live out a shared secret life far removed from their day-to-day existences. But to what extent does it rely on fantasy and escapism, and will it survive a real-life meeting?
The problem is...Emmi (a modern Madame Bovary) is married....
Have email, Facebook, texting and the like created a generation of isolated young people who prefer to communicate remotely - who may be in fact afraid to engage in face to face contact to find love? Is it possible to fall in love with someone you've never met? Does a virtual affair 'count' as adultery? What are the implications of the fact that we can pretend to be anyone in cyberspace?
Love Virtually is adapted by Eileen Horne and produced by Clive Brill: a Pacificus Production for BBC Radio 4.

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