Listen To David Tennant In The Great Scott: Redgauntlet On BBC Radio 4 Today

David Tennant plays Sir Walter Scott in a new BBC Radio 4 production of the revered Scottish author’s classic novel Redgauntlet airing today at 3pm. 

A free adaptation by Robin Brooks of Scott's novel - now set in the year 2035, in a fictional future Scotland.
This is the second season of adaptations of some of Sir Walter Scott's most popular novels, with David Tennant as Walter Scott.

Alan Fairford is destined to become a lawyer but is distracted from his studies by the sudden disappearance of his best friend Danny Latimer.
Danny's absence seems to be connected with the sudden appearance of Stuart Galloway - aka Redgauntlet - who has business with Alan's father, Alexander.
But who is Redgauntlet? And what is his mission?
Alan Fairford sets out to find out the answers and hopefully to rescue his friend.

Written by Robin Brooks

Listeners outside the UK can hear BBC Radio Four online here

The episode is repeated on Saturday 19th July at 9pm


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