GRACEPOINT: Virginia Kull "So Excited" To Meet David Tennant

Virginia Kull has expressed her excitement about meeting Gracepoint co-star David Tennant on set. Speaking at the Gracepoint panel at the TV Critics Association Summer Press Tour on Sunday afternoon, she explained that she had been a big fan of his performance in Hamlet.

However, Virginia had to wait a while for their first encounter. She and Michael Peña, who play Beth and Mark Solano, the parents of the boy around whole murder the plot of Gracepoint revolves, were booked into a different hotel to David so that they didn't bump into each other accidentally. Nor were they even allowed to rehearse scenes together. This was, the stars explain, to preserve the reality and the rawness of the first moment they meet on screen, when David's character, Detective Emmett Carver, goes into their house to break the news of their son’s death to them.

"They called me to makeup and hair for that day, and I came out of my trailer, and David was coming out of makeup...and I was so excited that I literally ran and hid around my trailer because I knew I wasn’t allowed to meet the man," Virginia explained.

"The first time we looked each other in the eye was live on camera, when I go into their house," added David, then joked, "That’s how I like to work anyway. I ask that nobody looks me in the eye. And everyone has to refer to me as 'Admiral.'"

Gracepoint is a ten-part event series based on the award-winning UK drama Broadchurch. The series stars David Tennant and Anna Gunn, two police detectives charged with solving the murder of a young boy in a sleepy Californian town. Other cast includes Nick Nolte, Jacki Weaver, Sarah-Jane Potts and Kevin Zegers.

Gracepoint premieres on Fox at 9pm/8c on Thursday 2nd October.

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