David Tennant On Why Peter Capaldi Is The Right Choice To Be The Doctor

David Tennant has revealed that he can't wait to see Peter Capaldi's take on the Doctor in Doctor Who as he is such a big fan of the actor. 

Talking last Sunday at the TV Critics Association Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills, he said of the new series, "I haven't seen any of it yet but everything about Peter Capaldi gets me terribly excited so I'm very much looking forward to it."

On the producers' choice to cast his fellow Scot in the lead role he was certain that it must have been very easy for them. "I think if you've got the chance of signing Peter Capaldi then you do it, I imagine," he stated. 

However, he teased the assembled American and Canadian reporters when questioned on whether he still watched the show following his departure in 2010. "I never watch it, never watched it since I left, I can't bear any of them," he joked, then added, "Of course I will! How could I not? It's compulsory in Britain anyway, you have to now."

David was appearing to promote his new Fox TV series Gracepoint, a re-working of ITV's Broadchurch, in which he also starred. Like the original series, Gracepoint follows the after effects of the murder of a child in a tiny coastal community; here the action has been transferred to a northern Californian community and David's character is an American detective called Emmett Carver. Gracepoint premieres on Fox on 2nd October and confirmation of a UK broadcast is expected soon.

The new series of Doctor Who starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman begins on 23rd August on BBC One and BBC America, with worldwide cinema screenings also taking place from that date.

Source: PA