AUDIO DOWNLOAD: The Great Scott: Ivanhoe With David Tennant

The second episode of the new series of The Great Scott aired on BBC Radio 4 earlier this afternoon. The radio adaptations are of some of Sir Walter Scott's most popular novels with David Tennant as Walter Scott. In today's episode Scott Cherry adapts Ivanhoe.

Set in 1194 after the failure of the third Crusade, King Richard I is said to be in captivity in Austria after having been taken on his way back to England. In his absence, his brother John is plotting to take over the throne.

Wilfred of Ivanhoe, son of Cedric and one of the few remaining Saxon Lords, joined Richard in the Crusade but has been disinherited by his father for showing allegiance to a Norman. Ivanhoe is rumoured to have come to the rescue of his King in his hour of need but has since disappeared. Is he alive? Rowenna - the woman he loves - anxiously waits for news.

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