USA: Watch A Tenth Doctor Marathon On BBC America Today

American viewers can enjoy a marathon of Tenth Doctor episodes of Doctor Who today courtesy of BBC America. David Tennant stars as the Time Lord in a selection of specials and favourite episodes running throughout the day from 10am - 8pm ET. The full schedule is:

10.00am ET   Doctor Who – The Christmas Invasion   
11.00am ET   Doctor Who – The Runaway Bride  
12.00pm ET   Doctor Who (S3 E10) Blink   
1.00pm ET   Doctor Who (S4 E8) Silence In The Library   
2.00pm ET   Doctor Who (S4 E9) Forest Of The Dead   
3.00pm ET   Doctor Who – Planet Of The Dead   
4.00pm ET   Doctor Who – The Waters Of Mars   
5.00pm ET   Doctor Who – The End Of Time Parts 1 & 2