USA: Tree Fu Tom Season 1 Now Available On Netflix

Great news for David Tennant's youngest fans in the USA (and those who are simply young at heart): the first season of the animated pre-school series Tree Fu Tom is now available on Netflix.

Although most of the UK cast, which originally included classic Doctor Who star Sophie Aldred, were revoiced for the US market, producers FremantleMedia succeeded in convincing the American broadcaster to retain the vocal skills of David Tennant as anarchic tree sprite Twigs.

Tree Fu Tom is a CGI series created by Daniel Bays and produced by CBeebies and FreemantleMedia Enterprises. Each episode follows the amazing adventures of a young boy called Tom and his best friend Twigs in the wondrous, enchanted kingdom of Treetopolis, where movement creates magic. The award winning programme includes specially designed exercises which benefit children with dyspraxia and similar developmental disorders that affect movement and co-ordination. 

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Many thanks to Amy for the information