USA: Second Chance To Watch Episodes 1 - 3 Of The Real History Of Science Fiction

Viewers in the USA will have another chance to catch up with the first three episodes of The Real History Of Science Fiction on BBC America next Sunday afternoon.

Delving into the real history of science fiction with filmmakers, writers, actors and graphic artists, the series explores how the obsession and imagination of these creatives has taken the genre of science fiction into the unknown. Narrated by Mark Gatiss, Doctor Who writer, actor, and co-creator of the BBC’s SherlockThe Real History Of Science Fiction is packed with clips from some of the most important and influential science fiction films and TV series ever made, and has a seriously impressive contributor list, including David Tennant, Steven Moffat, Richard Dreyfuss, John Landis, Neil Gaiman, Rutger Hauer, Karen Gillan, Nichelle Nicholls, William Shatner, Anthony Daniels, Chris Carter and many more. The show originally aired in April.

David Tennant appears briefly in episode 1 and 2, but makes a greater contribution to episode 3: Invasion.

The Real History Of Science Fiction

Episode 1: Robots
BBC America, Sunday 15th June, 2pm/1c
The first installment of the four-part series focuses on Robots. From HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey to the Cylons of Battlestar Galactica and the world of The Matrix, this is a journey that asks what does it mean to be human?
Contributors include Rutger Hauer, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker and William Gibson

Episode 2: Space
BBC America, Sunday 15th June, 3pm/2c
Science fiction has always fed upon our need to explore and to wonder what is out there. From the horrifying scenes of Alien, to the epic spectacle of Star Wars, this is a journey to the stars and the alien encounters that await us there.
Contributors include Nichelle Nicholls

Episode 3: Invasion
BBC America, Sunday 15th June, 4pm/3c
Much of science fiction explores the moment of first contact with aliens. From H. G. Wells' pioneering The War of the Worlds to Independence Day, Men in Black and District 9, this episode deals with our fears of alien invasion.
Contributors include David Tennant, Chris Carter, John Carpenter and Richard Dreyfuss.

The fourth episode, Time, featuring David Tennant, Karen Gillan and Christopher Lloyd will be scheduled later in the year.

The series is also due to be aired on BBC Two later this year.