UK: Broadchurch Continues Tonight From 9pm On ITV Encore

New subscription channel ITV Encore, dedicated to the best ITV drama of recent years is repeating the award winning Broadchurch  airing in double bills until Thursday. This is the first UK repeat of the murder mystery starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman since the original broadcast in March and April of 2013.

ITV Encore (Sky Channel 123)

Episode 5
Miller realises the evidence Jack handed over does not tally with her knowledge of Danny's possessions, while Olly and Karen work together on an article about the newsagent's past. However, the next morning when they read the paper, they discover the piece has been rewritten to make Jack look like a sex offender - and the police can offer little protection.

Episode 6
Files are piling up at the police station but, with no fresh leads or witnesses, the case is stalling and morale is low. Hardy is stunned when he's told to scale back resources and feels his hope of catching Danny's killer is slipping away. However, at the Broadchurch Echo, Maggie grows determined to solve a mystery that has taken a very personal turn for her. How will her efforts affect the official investigation?
The strain of the apparently stalled investigation into the murder of 11-year-old Danny Latimer is taking a dramatic toll on DI Alec Hardy. He’s been denounced in the national press as “the Worst Cop in Britain” and whatever it is that ails him seems to be getting worse.
It’s eight weeks since Danny’s body was discovered on Broadchurch beach and autumn has arrived. There are signs that the community wants to move on and even Danny’s family are tentatively putting the bricks of their shattered lives back into place. It’s good to see the Latimers smiling again, but the effort is huge. Their son’s killer is still out there, somewhere.

Broadchurch also stars Andrew Buchan, Jodie Whittaker, Arthur Darvill, Pauline Quirke and David Bradley. 

Other highlights of the ITV Encore launch week include Poirot, The Ice Cream Girls and Lucan. ITV Encore content will also be exclusively available on all Sky platforms, including online and catch up services.