Kevin Zegers Talks Gracepoint At The Shaw Upfront...And Hints At A Second Season

Shaw Media presented their 2014-15 Fall schedule earlier today at the Canadian Upfronts, announcing a blockbuster lineup for the Global network with no less than eight new dramas. Among these is Gracepoint, the FOX TV remake of ITV's award winning Broadchurch, which will première on Thursday nights at 9pm ET. 

Canadian born Kevin Zegers, who plays local new reporter Owen Burke in Gracepoint, was on hand at the Toronto event to promote the limited series. As with the original drama the story centres on the shocking murder of a young local boy in a sleepy seaside community and the subsequent effect on the population of police and media scrutiny. In Gracepoint the action is transferred to northern California, although the lead investigator will be familiar to fans of Broadchurch: David Tennant stars as Det. Emmett Carver, an American version of DI Alec Hardy. Zegers says that as the drama progresses secrets are discovered that the residents of Gracepoint would prefer to remain hidden.

"There’s ten people on the show who are in every episode, uncovering what everyone has, which are the deep, dark secrets nobody wants others to find out about them," he said. "Because of the murder, people are delving into the parts of each other's lives they never thought they would." 

“We had a very finite story to tell ,” he explained, but went on to suggest that there were, "...enough loose ends after ten episodes to bring the characters back for a second season." 
"It’s a testament to the script. Every episode of the script is just as suspenseful or even better than the last one,” he added.

His character Owen, is the nephew of local detective Ellie Miller, played by Anna Gunn, and at first seems more enthusiastic about surfing than his job. “He’s not a great journalist at the beginning, I have to say,” he said. “He’s a little bit lazy and there’s not a whole lot going on in the small town.” However, it all changes following the murder and Owen is instrumental in discovering some of the secrets held by his neighbours.

Barbara Williams, senior vice-president of content for Shaw Media said, “Event series television that tells one story from beginning to end with a clear story arc is big this year. Gracepoint is exactly that. It’s a whodunit, a murder mystery.”
“I was a huge, huge, huge Broadchurch fan,” she added, “So I was really excited to see what they did with it. I can tell you they did a fantastic translation of the show.”

The first episode of Gracepoint adapted by Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall from his original script closely mirrors the source series. However, the producers and star David Tennant have said subsequently that there are significant differences and the ending is not the same as Broadchurch.

Other cast include Nick Nolte, Jacki Weaver, Michael Peña and Sarah-Jane Potts. The series, which was filmed on location on Vancouver Island, wrapped last week. 

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