Kevin Zegers On Gracepoint: "They Wouldn't Have Made The Show If It Wasn't Different"

Kevin Zegers attended the Shaw Media / Global Upfront presentation in Toronto Canada yesterday to support his new drama Gracepoint in which he plays junior reporter Owen Burke. The new FOX TV limited series is based on the multi-award winning UK drama Broadchurch  and boasts a powerful ensemble cast which includes David Tennant, Anna Gunn, Nick Nolte and Jacki Weaver.

Both Gracepoint and Broadchurch follow the police investigation of the murder of a young boy in a small seaside town and the devastating impact that the event has on both the family and the wider community. Comparisons are bound to be drawn between the two shows, with some fans questioning the point of watching a ten episode drama for which they already know the conclusion. However, Kevin was quick to reassure potential audiences that there were plenty of differences and some surprises along the way.

"They wouldn’t have made the show if it wasn’t different," he explained. "On top of having completely different actors, which switches the dynamic, we have a couple of extra hours. As the story progresses you’ll see very quickly that the direction of the show changes quite a bit. New suspects. We have a new ending. What you’re dropped into is similar but where you end up is a very different place."

One common factor is lead star David Tennant, who returns to play an American version of Broadchurch protagonist DI Alec Hardy. But Kevin says that viewers shouldn't expect a carbon copy of Hardy in Gracepoint detective Emmett Carver. "I think part of what we, and he, wanted was a different show," he said. "I didn’t even watch past the first episode of the original show. I didn’t want to start playing something the way my character on the other show played it — not that there’s anything wrong with it. I just think he was following his instincts. I have my own ideas about who this guy is. David’s great because even he played it a little differently."

Of the journey that his own character (Owen Burke, based on Olly Stevens, originally played by Jonathan Bailey) takes, he says, "He’s not a great journalist at the beginning, I have to say. He’s a little bit lazy and there’s not a lot that goes on in the small town he’s covering, you know. As the show goes on he has a couple of moments where he gets to flex his muscle."

Read Kevin's full interview with Global News here.

Gracepoint is produced by Shine America in association with Kudos and Imaginary Friends, and executive-produced by Anya Epstein, Dan Futterman, the original series' creator Chris Chibnall, Kudos' Jane Featherstone, John Goldwyn and Shine America's Carolyn Bernstein. Directors include James Strong, Euros Lyn and Michael Slovis. 

Gracepoint will première on FOX in the USA and the Global Network across Canada on Thursday nights as part of their Fall 2014-15 seasons.

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