John Downer On David Tennant's Narration Skills: "His Voice Fits So Beautifully With Pictures"

On Tuesday the wildlife documentary Wings 3D premières in cinemas across the USA as part of a two night double bill featuring David Tennant. The 3D spectacular was created during the filming of the BBC series Earthflight, and like the series that inspired it, is also narrated by David.

Filmmaker John Downer, whose production company created the film, as well as many other series for the BBC including Penguins: Spy In The Huddle and Dolphins: Spy In The Pod has been over in the USA this week to promote the Doctor Who + Wings theatrical event. Talking to Illinois-based he was very complementary about David Tennant, who has been working with John Downer Productions for about five years and has contributed to a number series.

“He’s got a certain style of delivery and a certain way of expressing himself. It’s very paced, very carefully delivery of the lines,” he said. “Because we’re trying to get this experience of taking you into another world you have to have a voice that doesn't intrude, that guides you … His voice with the Scottish lilt and everything just fits so beautifully with pictures, I find.”

Fathom Events and BBC Worldwide present Doctor Who + Wings, a special two night celebration of David Tennant in cinemas nationwideThe event kicks off on Monday 16th June with the two-part Doctor Who episode Rise of the Cyberman and The Age of Steel, which have been edited together into one movie. The screening will be followed by a specially recorded exclusive interview with David Tennant. Wings 3D will make its world cinematic première on Tuesday 17th June.

For more information and to book tickets visit the Fathom Events website