Gracepoint Star Kendrick Sampson On The Plot Changes And David Tennant's Accent

Gracepoint star Kendrick Sampson has spoken about his new drama series Gracepoint and working with co-star David Tennant. Kendrick was talking during his appearance yesterday the 5th annual Thirst Project Gala, hosted by Jennifer Garner. He confirmed that while the plot of the upcoming FOX TV ten-part event series would have similarities to Broadchurch, the UK drama upon which it is based, it also includes enough differences to make it worth watching.

"They've changed the ending. Especially in episode four and before, there are some strong twists that will keep people watching and entertained. It's got a different take. It follows the story kind of closely but it takes some dramatic twists," explained Kendrick, who plays Dean Iverson in the drama, boyfriend to Chloe, the murder victim's sister (in Broadchurch the equivalent character was Dean Thomas, played by Jacob Anderson).

Like Broadchurch, Gracepoint follows the impact of the murder of a local boy on a small seaside community, although the action has been transported from the English West Country to the Californian coast. Interestingly, David Tennant, who played lead detective Alec Hardy in Broadchurch also plays Hardy's American counterpart Emmett Carver. Kendrick was impressed with David's American accent and his versatility at switching it on and off as required.

"He's doing an American accent. He speaks in his original accent in between takes so to see him seamlessly go between accents was amazing. He just transforms. It takes me all day to transform!" he said.

And has he watched the original series, Broadchurch? Kendrick confesses to having been sucked right in.

"It was amazing. I watched it in one day," he said. "I sat down to watch it when I booked the project and thought, 'I'd watch one episode to get the tone of it'. I should have known because I'm not a one episode guy."

Gracepoint will première on Fox on Thursday nights as part of the Fall 2014 season. It will also air on the Global Network in Canada. 

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