David Tennant's Virgin Media Commercial Tops Most Recalled Ad List

Virgin Media's new Power Drive commercial starring David Tennant has topped the Top 10 list of most recalled TV adverts for this week. The ad which promotes Virgin Media's new flexible Big Bundles features David at the wheel of a tiny bubble car which then transforms to a big American muscle car at the flick of a switch, and then again to a luxury tour bus kitted out with all of the latest Virgin Media goodies.

Ad recalling is a test of marketing effectiveness based upon how memorable an advert is. Participants are shown TV spots and then asked to recall details of the campaign at a later point. The greater the recall, the more effective the campaign is deemed to be.

The Virgin ad, created by BBH, outperformed current campaigns by Subway, Argos and Funkypigeon.com.

Watch the ad here:

Research was based on the period 19th - 23rd June
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