David Tennant In My Weekly This Week: "I Just Hanker For Things That Are Good"

David Tennant features in My Weekly magazine this week talking about his varied career: from Doctor Who to Postman Pat. Read what he has to say below:

When filming Broadchurch I found out who the killer was when I got there the day before we started shooting the final episode.
It was wonderful to be stopped everywhere and asked "Whodunnit?" I have enough of an ego to be thrilled by that.

I just hanker for things that are good.
I'm as happy doing Postman Pat as I am doing Hamlet. they both have challenges and they both have delights. You're just trying to do your best for the audience.

Political dramas aren't as popular as they should be.
I enjoy dabbling in that world (The Politician's Husband, last year on BBC2), and The Thick Of It is wonderful. But I guess the terrible truth is, not enough viewers are interested. They should be. If you don't have an opinion and don't vote, you have no right to complain about anything.

No-one can teach you what it's like to be observed in public.
I remember, before I was that person, watching well-known people walk into a room. You imbue them with inner confidence and a slightly royal presence. Yet when it's you it's terrifying.

I was always going to act, literally ever since I was tiny. In fact I have Doctor Who to thank for that. 
I wanted to become an actor after being obsessed with Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor Who, in the 1970s. His was the definitive performance of all time in anything.

The books I read as a child were all Doctor Who books!
There were hundreds of episodes, which were all novelised, and that's all I ever wanted to read. I loved all the creatures. I remember being obsessed with the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti. I don't think they scared me, but there was something about the unknown that tickled my fancy. 

David has recently started work in the West Country on the second series of Broadchurch alongside first series co-star Olivia Colman. 
Before that he spent four months in Canada shooting the American remake of Broadchurch, called Gracepoint, in which he plays an American version of DI Alec Hardy. The series will premiere on FOX in the USA this autumn.
Sky TV viewers will be able to relive the thrills and emotion of the original series of Broadchurch when it airs on ITV Encore across four nights next week.

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