David Tennant In The 250th Issue Of SFX Magazine On Sale Today

The new edition of SFX Magazine goes on sale in the UK today and the special collectors' edition celebrates the 250th issue of the UK's top sci-fi and fantasy magazine and contains the results of a huge poll to decide the best science fiction and fantasy moments of all time.

SFX asked their readers to choose their personal top ten from a list of iconic moments in film, TV, books, games and comics and from this they have compiled the Top 250 Greatest Moments in Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror as voted for by the fans themselves. SFX have revealed that the number one moment was the farewell between the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler (David Tennant and Billie Piper) from the series 2 finale Doomsday.

David Tennant says of the scene: “I remember worrying on the day we shot this scene that as I was actually a projection from inside the TARDIS my hair shouldn't be blowing in the wind. That seemed terribly important at the time and although we didn't find a solution to it, it bothered me for weeks. Then I saw the finished scene and of course all that matters is the end of the Doctor and Rose’s story. Russell [T Davies] had weaved some glorious magic for two seasons and it all came together so perfectly in this scene that people still talk to me about it with misty eyes all these years later (and I suspect they always will.) Murray Gold created some heart stopping music that accentuates the misery and Billie is just breathtakingly good. I feel very lucky to be standing on that beach, with my hair flying around, in amongst all these brilliant elements. Whatever else I do and wherever else I end up, this will be a moment I will be forever proud to look back on. Thanks for having us at number one.”

Other Tenth Doctor moments that made the longlist were the return of the Master from Utopia and the Weeping Angels surrounding the TARDIS in Blink. Check out SFX to see if they made the final 250. Also making the list are the chestburster moment from Alien, Roy Batty's final speech in Blade Runner and the death of Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Other contributors include Russell T. Davies, Anthony Head and JJ Abrams.

The edition also takes a look at filming for the new season of Doctor Who with Peter Capldi and Jenna Coleman.

SFX Issue 250 is now on sale in UK shops. A digital issue is also available via NewsstandFor iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Print copies can be ordered online (with overseas shipping) from My Favourite Magazines. Also available on Google Play, Zinio,Kindle Fire and Nook!

Subscribers to the magazine receive an extra special collectable edition featuring David Tennant and Billie Piper on the cover (see above).