VIDEO: David Tennant And Anna Gunn Interviewed By E! Online

David Tennant and Anna Gunn were interviewed by a clearly excited Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online on Monday afternoon as they attended the Fox TV Upfront presentation in New York. The stars were in town to support the launch of their new series Gracepoint which will make up part of Fox's Fall 2014 season.

Gracepoint is closely based on the UK crime drama Broadchurch, in which David Tennant also starred. However, he and Anna were quick to reassure viewers that despite the obvious similarities there was still going to be plenty of surprises along the way. However, they were less forthcoming about what those changes might be.

"Part of the joy of it is seeing where it will go and what will happen," he said.

Anna also reassured fans that Gracepoint would not simply be a direct carbon copy of Broadchurch. "It does have differences from the UK version," she said, also adding that even David brings differences to his own character (Detective Emmett Carver, the equivalent of DI Alec Hardy). 

There were also tantalising hints about the highly anticipated Breaking Bad spin off Better Call Saul, as Anna hinted that she may have been in talks to appear - although David immediately claimed that he was already digned up for the role of the pregnant Skyler!

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Gracepoint follows the impact on a tiny Californian coastal town of the shocking death of a young local boy. David Tennant and Anna Gunn play mismatched detectives Emmett Carver and Ellie Miller, charged with solving the murder. Meanwhile under the pressures of fear, suspicion and media scrutiny the tiny community starts to fall apart. The ten part series will air on Thursday nights on Fox.

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