TV Wise List Gracepoint Among Shows Most Likely to Land A UK Deal

Following the LA Screenings, TV Wise have made six hot picks of brand new US dramas which they believe are most likely to be picked up by UK broadcasters. Among these is Gracepoint, the FOX TV remake of Broadchurch, which shares a star with the original in David Tennant. They predict plenty of interest from other channels should ITV fail to exercise their first refusal privileges. They say:

The US version of ITV’s hit drama Broadchurch was always going to spark strong interest from the UK. Initially there were rumors that international distributor Shine would not be selling the drama to the UK, but that is not the case. The pilot largely follows the blue-print of the UK original and David Tennant gives a strong performance. I'm certain this one will reach the UK. I hear that owing to the way the adaptation deal was set up, ITV has right of first refusal on Gracepoint. Should they pass on picking this one up, I’d expect a bidding war from some other broadcasters. The real question is will this pop up on ITV (maybe on one of their diginets?) or would they be willing to let a rival snap it up?

Other new series that UK viewers can hope to enjoy include Gotham and CSI: CyberTV Wise also say that further screenings of new US dramas have been occurring in London this week, although they do not specify which titles.

David Tennant stars as Detective Emmett Carver in Gracepoint, an American equivalent to DI Alec Hardy from the original series. His co-stars include Anna Gunn, Nick Nolte, Kevin Zegers, Sarah-Jane Potts and Kevin Rankin. Producers have promised that after the first episodes the series will start to deviate from Broadchurch and that there will be a different ending. Gracepoint will première on Thursday nights as part of the Fox Fall 2014 season.

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Source: TV Wise