SCREENCAPS: David Tennant In The New Gracepoint Trailer

We have a set of screencaps from the new trailer for Gracepoint, released today, for you to enjoy. David Tennant stars as Detectives Emmett Carver in the ten part series which will premiere on Thursday nights on FOX TV this fall.

Gracepoint is the American version of the hit UK series Broadchurch, in which David also stars. But in case anyone was already worried about knowing the climax already, David reassures viewers that they can expect some new twists. He says,
"Honestly, as I sit here, I don't quite know where it's all going. The ending is going to be different so as long as it doesn't turn out that I did it, I feel quite liberated by not knowing what's coming."

The cast also includes Anna Gunn, Nick Nolte, Michael Peña, Virginia Kull and Kevin Zegers

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