Postman Pat: The Movie Released In UK Cinemas Today

The new 3D CGI animated feature film Postman Pat: The Movie goes on general release in cinemas across the UK and Ireland today, just in time for the half term break. The film features the voices of Stephen Mangan as Pat with David Tennant, Rupert Grint and Jim Broadbent, with Ronan Keating providing Pat's singing voice.

Postman Pat: The Movie
The iconic kids' TV character stars in his first ever feature film, exclusively in cinemas in the UK and Ireland from today.
Postman Pat (Stephen Mangan), a humble and beloved mail carrier, lives an idyllic life in the quaint British countryside town of Greendale with his son Sarah (Susan Duerden) and his young son Julian. When an efficiency expert named Edwin Carbunkle (Peter Woodward) hatches a plot to overtake the Special Delivery Service (SDS), Pat’s plans to bring his wife on a ‘proper honeymoon’ to Italy topple. Elimination of the CEO (Jim Broadbent) and replacement of all postal workers with robots are at the heart of Carbunkle’s evil scheme.

After viewing an episode of You’re The One, a TV talent contest, Pat throws his hat in the ring and competes for the grand prize, which includes a recording contract and, as fate would have it, a trip to Italy. Pat not only sings beautifully, but he emerges as a finalist and competes against young Josh (Rupert Grint) at the big finale in London. Along the way, Pat falls prey to the trappings of fame and Fortune and becomes an unwitting pawn in Carbunkle’s little game.

Josh’s manager Wilf (David Tennant), myopically focused on securing the recording contract for his client at any cost, stumbles upon the robotic postal scheme and plans to use it against Pat, thereby snagging the win for Josh. Meanwhile, Pat’s sudden thrust into the spotlight threatens to cost him and the very things that he holds dearest: his family, his friends and his job.

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Postman Pat: The Movie is written by Nicole Dubuc, Kim Fuller and Annika Bluhm and directed by Mike Disa.

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